Tenaga Nasional

Electric utility company that serving millions of subscribers, with a network spread across the entire country, implements a mobile app to help keep track of their physical assets worth billions.


About Client

Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) is the largest electricity utility company in Malaysia. Listed on the Main Board of Malaysia stock exchange with almost RM 99.03 billion (GBP 18.5 billion) in assets, the Company’s more than 34,900 employees serve an estimated 8.4 million customers in Malaysia. TNB’s core businesses are in the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity.


Project Description

Our client has a vast installation of assets (Street lights, Transformers, Feeders, Feeder pillars, sub stations) across Malaysia and, as an essential requirement, all these assets need to be managed and monitored. Relevant team members are assigned to check and capture information about these assets and report back to the headquarters. This process was inherently tedious and prone to manual reporting errors. More specifically, the old process had the below-listed shortcomings

  • Hard to use excel based sheets for tracking
  • Data synchronization and reporting back was tedious
  • Data validation, consolidation, and standardization from all asset management staff was near-impossible
  • Data reporting and tracking the asset data is valuable for TNB, but this data wasn’t available in real time
Starting with this problem statement, GoodCore has designed and implemented the LAM (Linear Asset Management) mobile app that takes away the pains of manual tracking and has scaled this operation to thousands of TNB staff members.


App Design

This app is optimized to be used on Android tablets by the relevant staff of TNB. Users can easily view and keep track of the asset assigned to them for Asset detail capturing.

This staff, tasked to go all over Malaysia collecting the data often goes into areas where the Internet is not available. The app is designed provide a seamless user experience when it’s offline. The data is synchronized with TNB servers when the Internet is available.

Technologies Used




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