An all-in-one briefing program manager for our client catering to Fortune 100 companies.

About the Product

The briefing management system that we developed is a corporate meeting software solution to efficiently manage briefing programs, trade shows, meetings, and similar corporate events.

This white label SaaS-based platform was meticulously developed as per the nuances of our client’s industry to easily manage B2B events and meetings.

Our custom developed software allows briefing managers to rise above the mundanity of event management and streamline and automate their processes with ease.


About Client

Our client - a Silicon Valley startup - is passionate about offering an automated and efficient solution to Fortune 100 companies to streamline and manage their briefing programs, corporate events, and meetings.


The Challenge

Our client reached out to us to develop a smart SaaS-based solution that can be offered to their customers to efficiently manage their corporate events and meetings. After working with other vendors who failed to understand their complex software design requirements and delivered an unstable and faulty beta version, our client chose to partner with GoodCore to stabilize their existing platform and rebuild it to bring their product vision to life.


The Solution

Our team worked extensively with our client to acquire the necessary understanding of the complex operational requirements of the target audience and architected a white label multi-tenant SaaS-based platform from the ground up.

Briefing managers now have the necessary tools at their disposal to manage all aspects of the operations – managing agendas, speaker schedules and invitations, catering, and everything else – for these high-visibility briefing events.

The system design of the corporate meeting software offers the scalability and flexibility to cater for substantial differences in organizational needs across our client’s customer base and helps them automate their operations.

What We Delivered


Briefing Program Workflow & Agenda Builder

We developed a workflow management software that offers an easy-to-use platform to manage program workflows and build event agendas by using simple drag-and-drop and import features.


Dynamic Form Builder

Users can build and maintain unique forms according to their event type, with the freedom to add multiple modules to their forms and design a single-step or multi-step form that best suits their requirements.


Multiple Calendar Views

Users can view the calendar in multiple ways within the briefing manager according to month, week, day, room occupation, and agenda view. This allows them to easily identify and book resources, check for availability before booking rooms, and view the agenda for days during the week.


Role-Based Access Control

We enhanced security and compliance by ensuring a role-based access management system for the briefing management platform.


Live API Accounts Monitoring

Our builtin live monitoring feature allows briefing managers to monitor the usage of API Accounts providing insights about most active clients, most used endpoints, and a graphical representation of user-activity over time.


Reporting & Analytics

Reporting covers a wide variety of functionalities, from finding the busiest centres and busiest times of the month to popular speakers and their evaluation scores, etc.


Business Intelligence Tool

A key feature of our briefing management platform is its integration with efficient business intelligence tools to provide analytics and insights about how users interact with the software.

useful integration

Useful Integration Capabilities

One challenge was to develop a briefing management platform with the right integration capabilities keeping in view the requirements of our client’s customer. We built a platform that can be easily integrated with Salesforce, Google Calendar, and other tools, to guarantee seamless user-experience.


Communicate and share

Briefing managers can efficiently communicate and share critical information with the event attendees and stakeholders. They can send out emails by creating set email templates and upload and share event-related material through the platform.


Our Process

our process

Our process of app development followed the agile model that began with acquiring the necessary knowledge about our client’s customer base and their operational requirements. After extensive brainstorming sessions with our client, we finalised the conceptual and visual design on the software and kickstarted the development process.

We built a highly-interactive frontend using JQuery and Bootstrap and used the PHP Yii framework to implement the MVC architecture of the briefing management software. Our focus was to ensure a highly-secured application architecture, design, and code implementation.

To guarantee the best performance and quality, the product underwent a rigorous testing process before and after the launch that included white-box black-box, and post-launch testing. We also provided support and necessary enhancements following the launch.


our process

We started working on this briefing program manager in 2012 with a team of three senior-level developers that grew and evolved over time in response to our client’s changing needs. Today, the team consists of 10 members, comprising of project leads, developers, QA engineers, and designers who are wholly committed to the latest version of the software in the works.









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