Web application for tracking health and wellness of employees.


About the Project

HAWQ Score, or Health and Wellness Quotient Score, is a web platform that is customised to track personal training and wellness programs.

The fundamental idea of the application is based around the health score for every individual relying upon specific health-related parameters called the “HAWQ Score.” The initial assessment collects data from the users, and generates a provisional HAWQ Score.

Once a provisional score is generated, organisations can choose to conduct on-site activities supervised by designated trainers for their employees. With the data gathered through an on-site assessment, a final HAWQ score is generated based on the proprietary algorithm integrated into the application.

The HAWQ Score follows the concept of Credit Score – which reflects the health quotient of the user. This primarily comprises of the “integral pillars of health,” i.e., Mind, Body, Nutrition, Sleep, and Physiology.

The state-of-the-art health tracking tools incorporated into the application encourage the users to engage with the program in a hassle-free manner. The users can easily view the score on the portal and track it at any given time.

About Client

Our client - Stone London, is a leading name in the UK when it comes to fitness and health. The company is focused on building strong foundations to ensure prolonged strength, movement, and quality of life.


The Challenge

Organisations are always on the lookout to find solutions that can improve the health and wellness of their employees as it is directly linked to their productivity.

Common health problems that people working in corporate companies face are:

  • High level of stress
  • Insomnia or poor sleep routine
  • Chronicle health issues
  • Unhealthy routine leading to poor performance

Our client wanted to develop a software that can measure the health and wellness quotient for employees working in different organisations. This required a web portal with a user-friendly interface that is easily accessible by both the organisation and its staff members simultaneously in a secure manner compliant with healthcare standards.


The Solution

Our development team took over the project after carefully analysing the pain points of the client’s business objectives and expectations.

The main idea was to have a “HAWQ Score'' tailored as per the health needs of each individual. The score constitutes parameters such as Mind, Body, Sleep, Nutrition, and Physiology.

Our team developed a software platform that incorporated technology with well-being health assessment for employers and employees.

In addition to this, the software solution also included different in-person sessions or cohorts based on individual scores. The final score of every individual is calculated on the basis of data collected using the proprietary algorithm embedded in the HAWQ Score.

In terms of design and UI/UX aspects of the application, it was a thorough process of conceptualisation and delegation. After multiple meetings with the client, our team created user-centric wireframes and prototypes of the software to ensure that the final product was simple to use and fulfilled client expectations.

What We Delivered

Licence Purchase

Super Admin Dashboard

The Super Admin can access different listed organisations, it can add or remove clients/companies, check out the data entries in different assessments, and be the moderator of different cohort sessions.


In-person Assessment

The in-person assessment is conducted through different cohort programs. This includes an in-depth analysis of health metrics such as the glucose level, VO2 level, BPM, maximum push-ups, mobility, etc.

All these vital scores contribute towards the final HAWQ Score and help the company encourage their employees to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Third-Party Integration

Cohort Facility

The organisation can opt for one or multiple cohort sessions in which the health and wellness of the employees are determined through different metrics such as glucose level, pushups, mobility, and eye balance.

Based on the score, the platform provides recommendations which can be implemented to maintain HAWQ Score or improve it.


Wellness Dashboard

The wellness dashboard provides an overview of the team’s HAWQ Score, the number of cohorts conducted, the average and maximum score of the team and most importantly the progress of a team in different cohorts.

Resource Management

Personal Dashboard

The platform also provides every individual user with its own dashboard. The HAWQ Score is easily accessible along with the recommendations. The score is categorised on the basis of different health pillars.

Our Process

It was imperative that we perfect the concept before we start working on the project. We held many meetings with the client to ensure that the final concept supported our client's goal. There were several iterations of feedback. We went through analysis and design steps in great detail in order to create the ideal final product.

Designing the HAWQ Score web app required us to comprehensively understand how the fitness and wellness quotient exercises work. After segmenting the project based on user roles, and pertinent wireframes; the prototypes were created to demonstrate the ideal design for the online portal.

Once the design stage was finalised, we moved towards the development of the application. Our programmers used Java, Front end – Angular, and Database – PostgreSQL. A thorough testing and quality assurance process was followed before the project was released.



We had an in-house team to craft this product consisting of a project manager, technical architect, senior software developer, senior quality assurance engineer, and senior UI/UX engineer.








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