Jungle Animal Educational App

After the success of our popular Spot the Farm Animal app, GoodCore launched the much-anticipated sequel: Spot the Jungle Animal. It is an early childhood educational mobile app to help preschool children learn about sights and sounds around a Jungle!


About Client

The Game Loop is a creative agency focused on developing world-class digital content for mobile and games. Their idea of games is challenging in terms of both design and development.

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Project Details

Get your young ones (age ~2 years) to explore the wild animals in a jungle. Watch as your child gets immersed in the sights and sounds of the jungle and runs into fascinating jungle animals on their way. This app makes the animals appear “live” with subtle animations and vibrant colours. A friendly voice (think of her as your friendly preschool teacher) accompanies your child through the jungle, shows them around, and asks them to identify animals on the screen.

Just like any parent, we appreciate teachers who are friendly and encouraging. If the child makes a “mistake” in this app, the teacher gently – almost amused at the mistake – encourages them to try again. If the child answers correctly, the teacher applauds the effort and moves onto the next animal on the screen.

Watch as your child moves through five different jungle settings and identifies multiple animals on each screen. You will love it when your kids’ eyes light up looking at the colourful animal characters and their voices, and how the animals react upon being pet!

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