Software Upgrades for GST

GoodCore helps upgrade an array of software systems at the multi-billion ringgit publicly traded government linked company to comply with the newly imposed Goods & Services Tax (GST).


About Client

POS Malaysia is a postal delivery service with history dating back to early 1800s. The company holds an exclusive concession to provide mail services through its network of over 926 branches and mini post offices in Malaysia.


The Challenge

When Malaysian government decided to introduce the Goods & Services Tax (GST) for the first time in 2015, it was an absolute hard deadline for companies to upgrade their software systems to comply with the new tax rules. POS Malaysia was running multiple disparate software systems for a variety of their business units. These systems had to be upgraded in harmony with each other and pushed in live environment precisely at 12:00 am on 1st July 2015 because our client’s operations entail thousands of bills, payments, and transactions to be processed every single day.


The Solution

GoodCore worked with our client to understand the upgrade requirements of various systems and also how they integrated with each other. This helped us form a development and roll out strategy.

Our project management, development, and QA teams worked tirelessly and upgraded various pieces of functionality in the systems such as the invoicing modules, the associated business rules and reporting. We also upgraded their system integrations with SAP and other systems based on XML and multiple proprietary format to incorporate the new tax regime.

We performed multiple rounds of quality assurance and test drills before the upgrades were pushed live. Since rollback was not a feasible option, the upgrade called for extreme caution and careful planning.


The Result

POS Malaysia’s systems were compliant with GST on the morning of 1st July 2015 and they continued to serve their customers uninterrupted.


Requirements Analysis

  • Client discussions and brainstorming
  • GUI Prototyping
  • Detailed Specifications Document

Design, Development & Technologies

  • Object-oriented design
  • Development using .NET 2.0
  • Use of advanced AJAX and DHTML
  • SQL server
  • Web-based service administration system

Testing & Launch

  • Black box testing

Technologies Used




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