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Taking on a new custom software development project for your business is a brave move. There are many things that could go wrong. If you are in a fix, you can trust us to save you and get your project back on track.

GoodCore houses a team of sharp problem solvers who excel at handling projects facing crucial issues. Your project will be given the highest priority by our rescue team, comprising the best software developers.

With a diverse set of project management and troubleshooting skills at our disposal, we will find the most cost-effective solutions to any time- or budget-critical problem your project may be stuck in. Once we intervene, your project will be managed by a dedicated team of experts who have extensive experience in working under extremely high pressure, taking calculated risks, and ensuring favourable outcomes.

Software Project Rescue

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Signs You Need a Software Project Rescue Team

In our 17 years of experience as a software development company, we have seen many projects go wrong due to budgetary issues, developers’ incompetency, and time constraints, among other issues.

There are many reasons why you might need the help of a third-party software rescue consultancy firm when it comes to a new or in-progress project.

Previous developers went out of business without notice

The old team abandoned the project halfway through

The developers failed to grasp your project requirements

Previous developers were incompetent or inexperienced

Failure to effectively communicate with the developers

Poor-quality software causing you to lose clients

The project became too complex for the in-house team

Using obsolete programming languages for maintaining systems

Legal trouble, contractual issues, and business disputes

Burning through the budget and missing crucial deadlines

What Our Software Project Rescue Services Cover

There are several ways in which we, as a trusted software project rescue services provider, can take over your software project and help you save it from turning into a completely irrecoverable disaster.

We take our time to understand our clients’ expectations and know how to work with them. Thus, we offer multiple options to our clients in terms of the steps we may have to take in order to successfully rescue their project.

Here are eight key tried-and-tested ways in which we ensure that we are going in the right direction.

Reconstructing and recovering lost source code

Fixing database integration issues

legacy systems

Providing complete transparency

Getting you back on budget and meeting deadlines

Establishing clear communication with you

Keeping in mind the future of your project

Reviewing, updating, and completing the documentation

Not happy with your current provider?

Discuss the current state and tech stack of your app and we will propose a way forward.

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How We Do It

Whether we are taking on a new development project that has to be done from scratch or trying to salvage an existing one, the first step of our process is always discovery. When we first take over a software project, we conduct a thorough audit session with the client and pinpoint and understand the exact problems that need to be addressed. This sets the flow for the rest of the rescue process.

A team of dedicated developers – along with any other required roles – is then brought in for the project. The team carries out a detailed review of the existing source code. If the developers feel that parts of the code are too far gone, they may have to rewrite them.

Our QA engineers then perform extensive tests to ensure that the software works perfectly. The system may have to be taken on a number of test runs, performed by end-users, to ensure that the software runs smoothly and flawlessly at each phase. With multiple feedback-review cycles, the code is perfected over multiple iterations.

The last phase of our software project rescue services involves the provision of ongoing post-implementation support and maintenance in case the end-users run into any problems in future.

Auditing and assessing your old system


Dedicated team takes over


Code and documentation is reviewed


Project is thoroughly tested


Any and all bugs are fixed


You provide further feedback via UAT


Repeat until perfection is achieved and all targets are met




Post-implementation help and support


Our flexible process regularly incorporates feedback from the client to ensure that the project development team continues with its tireless efforts until the project has achieved perfection. Our team will stay in touch with you over the course of the entire project recovery mission, and thus, you will remain updated every step of the way.

The software rescue team will break down your project into modules and deliver them regularly according to the pre-decided schedule. You can rest assured that our expert project management personnel will ensure the completion of your project within the allocated budget, strictly meeting your deadlines to get you back on track as soon as possible.

Success Stories

Briefing Management Platform

Web-based SaaS application for Fortune 100 companies

When other vendors failed to comprehend their complex software design requirements, our client chose to partner with us. We helped them stabilise and rebuild their existing platform to accommodate their corporate users’ growing needs.

See Full Case Study
Education Software

Project takeover and maintenance for EdTech giant

Catering to hundreds of educational institutions all over the world, our client’s EdTech software product needs regular improvements. To expand the product with new features and take over and streamline their development process, AppsAnywhere Limited augmented their team with our project rescue and maintenance experts.

See Full Case Study
B2B Web Portal

Online portal development to improve existing system

Harding Display’s customers were not satisfied with the existing system. They wished for a consolidated system for viewing product catalogues, accessing order histories, and placing new orders. We delivered a web portal that allows buyers to coordinate with vendors such as our client and easily place orders online.

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Viki Smith

General Manager, Printed Music Licensing Limited

The project management is brilliant. The team works in an incredibly efficient way, and their level of engagement is great.


Peter Treadwell

Operations Director, GC Business Finance

It's been a great joy working with the GoodCore team. Their support was key to making sure that our staff got the most out of the system that they built for us.

GoodCore resolved major issues with the first version of the product, leading to sustained growth for us. Their development skills are second to none!

David Walford

David Walford

CEO, Echovision LLC


They built a complex tee time booking system that was deployed at UK golf clubs. They were extremely committed to making a successful product for us—and they did.

 Jane Carter

Jane Carter

Director, One Golf Network Ltd.


Their flexibility is one of our partnership’s highlights. If we need something from them, they provide it as soon as possible. We can really rely on them.


Tim Eberhart

Chairman & CEO, SimpleFind


I was impressed by how receptive and communicative they are. The quality of the end product is fantastic as well. It was excellent from start to finish.

Dr. Matthew Sauvage

Dr. Matthew Sauvage

MD, Creative Education Solutions Ltd


They developed a custom configuration system that lets customers design infrastructure products and generate quotes for these complex products.

  Ramiel Rashidi

Ramiel Rashidi

CEO, Bloomip, Inc.


Working with GoodCore was incredible. The team utilises their technical expertise and innovative spirit to produce high-quality results. I was happy across the board, from A to Z.

Mike Hayes

Mike Hayes

Founder, GolfCatch


We wanted to develop a web-based software for NHS patients. GoodCore demonstrated a clear understanding of our needs from the outset.


Andrew Pemberton

MD, Cardinal Management Ltd.


I’ve spent the last decade building enterprise software for Real Estate organizations, and I’ve found GoodCore to be the most reliable when augmenting my team with outside resources.


Brendan Blumer



GoodCore is a company that lives up to their name, (at least my interpretation of their name), they are a company that is Good to the Core, they have Good to the Core people working for them!

Jeff Willis

Jeff Willis

Founder, GPS For Money


GoodCore created a prototype and then a web platform for gathering information on biotechnology companies and offered valuable KPI’s for stakeholders.

Ben Ravin

Ben Ravin

Business Application Manager, Bioeconomy Corporation


They led a software development project for our complex domain name registration platform. The best possible architecture design made them a valuable partner.

Hasnul Hasan

Hasnul Hasan



GoodCore developed an order management application (web & mobile app) that streamlined several processes in our manufacturing operations.

 Pervez Tufail

Pervez Tufail

Chief Operating Officer, Tufail Chemical Industries



Frequently Asked Questions

If your current development team is not delivering up-to-the-mark results, we will be happy to take over, rescue your project, bring it back on track, and see it to successful completion and implementation. Although software project rescue is a very tricky exercise, we are willing to explore the possibility of us taking over the code from another company.
If your product was developed by another software developer, we can explore taking it over from them. Generally, cooperation from your existing provider is needed. Such projects are always technically challenging and each project is different from the other, but we are willing to dig deeper to find out if it’s something that we can help with.
We offer a wide range of software rescue services that include:
  • Reconstructing and recovering lost source code
  • Fixing database integration issues
  • Renewing legacy systems
  • Providing complete transparency
  • Getting you back on budget and meeting deadlines
  • Establishing clear communication with you
  • Keeping in mind the future of your project
  • Reviewing, updating, and completing the documentation
An important step to getting started with your project recovery is communicating your requirements to us. After you contact us, we conduct an initial discussion to understand your requirements so we can accurately determine the indicative project scope and costs and identify any significant project risks.

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    • Our team contacts you within one business day
    • We engage an initial discussion to understand your requirements
    • Our team of analysts and developers assess the scope and propose a way forward with mutual consultation
    • All information exchange is protected via a mutual NDA
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